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Caller ID spoofing technology allows scam artists to trick caller ID devices into displaying any information they want. Scam artists may use caller ID spoofing to impersonate government agencies, banks, credit card companies, and other legitimate businesses. You might even see your own name and telephone number displayed on your caller ID device. When a person returns a spoofed call, they find that the number is disconnected, not in service, or is assigned to someone who is very obviously not the scam artist.

These scammers often live in another country. Scam artists, like drug dealers, and other criminals, also use prepaid throw-away cell phones to mask their identity while perpetrating fraud. Scam artists often pay cash for these phones or register them under fraudulent and deceptive names in order to control the name that displays on caller ID devices. The scam artists generally live in another country or state and use a name and phone number only for a short period of time, after which they throw the phone away and buy a new one.

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This makes it very difficult for law enforcement to track the scam artists down. Technology is allowing these criminals to place the calls and evade detection, and technology hopefully will ultimately thwart the calls. Some phone companies previously claimed that federal laws that required them to connect dialed calls prohibited them from blocking unwanted calls. Following the submission of our petition, the FCC in encouraged phone companies to develop such technology. We also recommend that you share your concerns about spoofed calls with the FCC, at the address below which has authority to take action against spoofed calls.

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If you receive unwanted telephone calls, you should file reports with the following agencies. In doing so, it is important to provide as much information as you can about the call, including the time and date of the call, the name and telephone number displayed on your caller ID device, and the nature of the call. It also has authority to enforce federal laws regulating autodialed and prerecorded message calls, as well as interstate fraud perpetrated over the telephone.

Accordingly, regardless of whether or not your telephone number is on the Do Not Call Registry, you should report unwanted or scam calls to the FTC as follows:. It may impose financial penalties against individuals in the United States who violate federal caller ID spoofing laws. It is important for the MPUC to hear from people who have been impacted by spoofed calls. You should report spoofed calls to the MPUC as follows:. Paul, MN or www.

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Home How Can We Help? To register a number you must be the account holder, a nominee, or be authorised to act for the account holder. If you would like to register more than 20 numbers, please go to Bulk Registration.

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If you are registering a Fax number, please provide a phone number on which you can be contacted:. The Privacy Act Cth imposes obligations on the ACMA and the register operator in relation to the collection, security, quality, access, use and disclosure of personal information.

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These obligations are detailed in the Australian Privacy Principles. For more information about the collection of data in this form, please see the Do Not Call Register data collection notice. You may apply to register numbers as a nominee acting on behalf of another individual. To do this, you will need to download and complete the Registration Form pdf, k.

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You will need to provide evidence of your ability to act as a nominee for the account holder, such as:. The Do Not Call Register allows you to reduce the amount of unwanted telemarketing calls and marketing faxes you receive. Email addresses are requested as part of the online registration process, to confirm your request for registration. Business telephone numbers are not eligible for registration.

The Do Not Call Register operator must remove any number it finds to be ineligible for registration. Select the reset password button below and an email containing reset instructions will be sent to the email address associated with this account. If you do not receive an email or the email address is no longer active please call for assistance.

Wait - I remember my password now! Contact Details. Register your numbers. Start EDIT. Personal details EDIT. Organisation details.

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Account holder details. Authorised officer details. Email Please ensure you enter a valid email address e. Numbers to register EDIT. Please include the two-digit area code for home or fax numbers. At least one number needs to be provided.

ipdwew0030atl2.public.registeredsite.com/map724.php Phone 1 Numbers must be 10 digits beginning with 0. Numbers starting with 18 must be 7 or 10 digits.