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Today cell phone companies keep records private. This really helps keep the telemarketers at bay and most cell phone customers appreciate the privacy and not having their cell phone number show up on main stream internet. Att phone directories and others like it are sold to special companies that do reverse phone checks. Its not free; a small fee is payed for using these services. Example: making sure that a business contact is in fact who they say they are. Checking on unknown callers and pranksters. I've even personally witnessed a spouse catching a cheater.

There are many reason to do a reverse phone check for a peace of mind.

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How T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint fight robocalls on their network

Unfortunately, server expenses are now starting to exceed revenue earned. If you appreciate the free tools and downloads at seabreezcomputers. The nice thing about the following table of websites, is that they offer important information for free. Some of them will tell you if a friends cell number is in your cellular network and some of them will do a reverse phone look up. From Whitepages. Find out if your friends number is on your same carrier so you know you can call them for free.

Search Whitepages.

From Nomorobo. Search nomorobo. Search Opencnam. But sometimes it is blank for numbers. Search Everyone If they are IN The above web pages from the cellular companies are great services in my opinion. If you know of a similar service from other cellular providers then please email me at jeffsbaker sbcglobal. In the right hand column look for Mobile to Mobile. From number-finder. This tool isn't as handy as it used to be because of number portability you can now take your number from one cell provider to a new provider.

But if you want to know if the phone number might be in your network, type it in at the above website.

AT&T unlimited plans

The above website will tell you what carrier that number was originally sold to. If it is in your network you might be able to call this person without being charged. The above web site is also useful if you didn't answer your phone because you didn't know who was calling. Type the number in at www. From Addresses.

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If you enter a phone number there, it seems to have a better chance of finding out who owns the number then intelius. From callersmart. Unfortunately, they want to show an ad before they show you the persons name. Search callersmart.