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There are some exceptions: owned by the US Government; non motor-powered and less than 16 feet in length; federally documented; operated, used and stored exclusively on private lakes or ponds; registered in another state and used in Florida for less than 90 consecutive days ; amphibious and issued a Florida title and registration; used solely for demonstration, testing or sales by a registered dealer or manufacturer; or operated by the state or a government subdivision.

When you purchase a new vessel , bring a vessel into Florida , or purchase a vessel from an individual , you must apply for a registration and title in your name. Fees apply for these transactions; contact us for more information. Registration - All vessels operated, used, or stored on Florida waters must be registered. The registration consists of a:.

Vessel Titling and Registrations

Biennial Registration - If renewing for two years, registration fees are doubled. Note: if the vessel is sold - refunds are not permitted.

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Watercraft Identification Number (previously HIN) clip

The numbers must be bold block letters at least 3-inch high and a color contrasting to the hull. Letters must be separated from the numbers by a hyphen or space equal to letter width.

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Vessel registrations expires on your birth date of each year, unless the boat is titled in a business name. Boats registered under business name expire on June 30th each year. A decal and certificate of registration will be issued at each renewal. The certificate of registration must be kept on board the vessel when it is operated and available for inspection by an enforcement officer. Phone: Home. Titles In most circumstances, the owner of a vessel must be issued a Florida certificate of title if the vessel is being operated in Florida waters.

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  • A vessel owned by the United States Government. Be used for noncommercial recreational purposes only.

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